The Unborn: America's Untapped Resource

If Washington is unwilling to make significant reductions in spending, there will need to be a significant reduction in the number of abortions per year. Unborn children are the ones who will finance our current administration's extravagant debt. Speaker of the House John Boehner warns that every child is now born owing the government $45,000. Yet, over 800,000 future taxpayers are aborted  each year. If those citizens were permitted to live so that they could each contribute $45,000 to the government, that could amount to over 36 billion additional tax dollars. This is truly an untapped resource that needs to be explored. The senate could afford to grant quite a windfall to the cowboy poetry festival with a sum like that. Rush Limbaugh says:

"How courageous is it to start spending the tax revenue of people who are not even born yet, not even giving them a say-so in the matter?" 
It is especially uncourageous when this burden is inflicted on only part of the unborn population. It is time to make sure that the entire unborn population does their fair share of paying taxes. Aborting billions of potential tax dollars is unsustainable.