The Baehr Essentials

1. Congressman Paul Ryan has offered his deficit reduction plan. Democrats in the House have come up with theirs.

2. Have you noticed that the Libya war has quickly faded from the news? Could this be related to the fact that it is a war begun by a Democratic President with a sign-off from the U.N and the Arab League, but without  approval by Congress, that is now stalemated? Or could it be because the news is even worse- that Al Qaeda will be the primary  beneficiary of the conflict, in terms of new weapons secured from the side we are fighting for?

Jonathan Schanzer on Al Qaeda' new arms 

The stalemate

3. Another Palestinian propaganda myth- there are no apartheid (Jews only) roads in Israel or the territories.

4. Shmuely Boteach is a clueless rabbi who has been conned before -- by Michael Jackson, and now again  by Samantha Power.   The rehabilitation campaign underway to make Samantha Power look more "Jew friendly'; can only mean that "this monster" to use her term of art,  is being considered to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in a second Obama term. If you did not have enough reasons not to re-elect  our golfer in chief, here is another one

5. Daniel Pipes on developments in Turkey.

Marc Ginsberg (loyal servant to Democratic Presidents)  on our failure to act in Syria.   

6. Sometimes you come across an article (thanks to Ruth King for this one) that is so startling, it just stops you in your tracks. This one would be funny if it were not so revolting.  This is what passes for scholarship in Sweden at the moment. 

7. The Palestinian Authority is still honoring savages.

8. Why are the aliens who come to Earth always so short?   

9. The new discoveries and extraction techniques for natural gas could provide an energy bounty for the U.S, Canada and Israel. No wonder all the predictable parties on the left are fighting it.