The Baehr Essentials

1.  Last week we saw the first Obama TV ad of the 2012 campaign. Today is the first poster ad  (hat tip Dr. Andrew Aronson)

2.  The Pacific Intelligencer has the inside story on the impact of a government shutdown.

3. Here is an African American
student group worth supporting.

4. What is the "most peaceful" state in America? The "least peaceful" was determined before the recent reports of what happens to fans of the visiting team in the Chavez Ravine parking lot. 

5. Rick Richman provides the text of arguments made challenging the Goldstone Report at a Stanford University event, which Judge Goldstone attended.  There are some who think what he heard in this debate may have influenced him to walk back the report he authored on the Israel Hamas war  of 2009-2009.

6. Senator Mark Kirk takes on Treasury Secretary (and tax evader) Timothy Geithner on Iran. Watch this to see what one member of Congress can do  if he or she is prepared and cares :

7. In Wisconsin, the good news is that Supreme Court Judge David Prosser appears to have beaten back the negative campaign assault on him financed with  $3 million from unions and  to retain his seat by 0.5% of the vote.   The story of the breakdown of  the rule law in the state, with complicity of state and county and city employees (unionized of course) and even individuals in the Attorney General's office, is still spilling out.

8. Given his "knowledge of  automobiles", would you buy a used car from Barack Obama?

9. Is there a more ignorant U.S. Senator than Barbara Boxer? Does she know that there is a difference between carbon and carbon dioxide? I guess not. 

10. How bad is the reporting by local news media? One intrepid citizen reporter, Michael Baehr,  (yes relation),  spots a table set up by LaRouche supporters in San Francisco, with posters comparing Obama to Hitler.  LaRouchies appear to have moved past their obsession with the Queen of England controlling the international drug trade.  A lady who is an Obama supporter is arguing with the nut jobs. Baehr later returns to the scene, and finds the police taking reports.  Apparently, the lady who was an Obama supporter had torn up one of the signs. Later, the citizen reporter hears and reads in local media reports that an Obama supporter was "assaulted" in downtown San Francisco.  The citizen reporter has video of the "assaultee" (the LaRouchies)  and gets the local media to change their story. 

One local writer gives credit where credit is due.

11. An interview with Bill Gross of PIMCO who advises you to sell your Treasury holdings (before they decline in value).

12. The head of the IHH in Turkey (the flotilla people) thinks Zionism is an infection that has affected all humanity.  Does he favor the two state solution? 

13. Do residents of the inner city need more religion?

14. Has Senator Dick Durbin switched sides?