The Agency of Change (a poem)


Leslie Lorentzen

You've reached The Agency of Change.
You're encouraged to apply,
and if you do not acquiesce,
we'll force you to comply.

We're The Agency of Change.
You're not required to agree.
You will change, or we will change you
for a reasonable fee.

You want to smoke- we'll tax you,
and if you drive too far,
we'll tax for every mile
that you put upon your car.

We'll save the banks and own you;
we'll drive the industry.
While the freedom of the press
is lost in bankruptcy.

A fee for sugar beverages
you keep upon your shelf;
and add to that a fat tax
to save you from yourself.

Your freedom's killing you, my dear,
so regulate your girth;
your rights are small importance
to the rights of Mother Earth.

We must take your rights away
for the sake of greater good,
and you wouldn't be so selfish
if you simply understood;

that since the world is dying
we must tax your every breath
for the more we tax your living
the sooner brings your death.

Death means less consumption;
less carbon foot prints seen;
more Mother Earth renewing
the more we all go green.

We are The Agency of Change, my dear,
and by the time we're through
we'll shake you upside down
until we take the change from you.

And if you do not like it
we don't really care.
We're The Agency of Change:
Leave a message if you dare.