Sharpton introduces Obama as 'Servant in Chief'

Taking a break from his laser-like focus on the budget crisis, or Libya, or golf, no wait, Obama’s laser like focus is on JOBS, well whatever Barry’s laser like focus was on, he took a break from it and joined his new best friend Al Sharpton last night in New York.  Appearing before a friendly audience at Sharpton’s annual National Action Network conference, Obama's drop-by had the look of a campaign photo-op designed to whip up support in the African-American community. 


The New York Daily News reports that Rev. Al introduced Mr. Obama as the "Servant in Chief.”  Is it possible that Sharpton was having some fun at his new pal’s expense?  I am reminded of A Servant When He Reigneth by Rudyard Kipling, which given the state of our nation and the world at large, seems disturbingly prophetic.


Three things make earth unquiet

And four she cannot brook         

The godly Agur counted them

And put them in a book—

Those Four Tremendous Curses

With which mankind is cursed;

But a Servant when He Reigneth

Old Agur entered first.




His feet are swift to tumult,

His hands are slow to toil,

His ears are deaf to reason,

His lips are loud in broil.

He known no use for power

Except to show his might.

He gives no heed to judgement

Unless it prove him right.




So, when his Folly opens

The unnecessary hells,

A Servant when He Reigneth

Throws the blame on someone else.


Although Sharpton and Obama had their difficulties during the 2008 campaign, they seem to have kissed and made up.  Perhaps Mr. Obama has become so polarizing a figure that Rev. Al looks like a unifier by comparison. 


“When I first met Sen. Obama, I didn’t know what to make of him and he didn’t know what to make of me,” Sharpton said.


“We don’t have to agree with everything the President does, and we don’t,” Sharpton added.  “But we’re not confused.  This man had led.  This man, this President, has served us.”


Yep, Rev. Al knows what to make of Obama now.  With almost 22 months left in office, Sharpton isn’t confused about Obama’s leadership, because this man has led his friends and supporters to the public trough for a historic gorging at the taxpayer’s expense and there’s no reason to think that the feeding won’t continue all through the campaign.  Al knows who is serving him dinner.


Mr. Obama told the highly partisan crowd “We are going to keep fighting until every family gets a shot at the American dream,” adding “That’s the first thing I think about when I wake up, the last thing I thing about when I go to bed at night.”  At least we know where his laser-like focus is these days.  Too bad Obama’s American dream is a tragic nightmare for anyone who believes in freedom and independence.


It’s twilight in America.  Today more Americans have stopped looking for work and become content to live on the public dole than ever before.  Today the president is proud to choose sides with public sector unions against the taxpayers.  Today the American people can be confident that the president’s foreign policy decisions have brought the world to the brink of disaster.  Today our children can look forward to oppressive taxes, crushing debt and health care rationing.  


Go ahead Mr. Obama run on your record, we dare you!


April 7, 2011