Palin a hit at tea party rally in Madison

Thousands of Wisconsin Tea Party citizens gathered on Saturday in snow and freezing temperatures to rally for fewer taxes, smaller government and a return to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. At the podium was Sarah Palin who didn't seem to be affected at all by the weather. She was fired up.

According to Politico,

Sarah Palin unleashed a withering critique of congressional Republicans Saturday, lambasting them for not cutting spending deeper and faster, and saying the party needs to "fight like a girl.


Palin took issue with the GOP leadership for promising $100 billion in cuts from the current budget, trimming that pledge to $60 billion and finally settling for $38 billion in the recent budget battle.

"Then after some politics as usual and accounting gimmicks we found out - ya know that $38 billion? We're actually borrowing that $38 billion," Palin said. "That is not courage, that is capitulation."

She hit the nail on the head. Compromise after compromise, the Capitol Hill Republicans just don't seem to get it; instead Palin is speaking for millions across this country.

There's no doubt Palin's been biding her time while watching a parade of GOP possible candidates come and go. She's throwing her hat into the ring and at the same time tells the GOP the Tea Party will "have its back" if it listens to conservative Americans.

You can watch Palin's speech at Breitbart TV here.

Some memorable lines:

President Obama certainly has a record, and that's why we're here. Hey media, it's not inciting violence and it's not hateful rhetoric to call someone out on their record, so that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna do it to be clear. That's right. We're here, we're clear, get used to it.

We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. It starts here. It starts now, Mr. President. Game On!

What better place than Madison, Wisconsin for Palin to use fightin' words to make her move toward 2012?

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