Obama's long form COLB may be 'fake but accurate'

The document released yesterday by the White House has been demonstrated to have been electronically compiled -- in other words digitally altered. There are "layers" buried within the code, indicating that it is not a simple copy of a real document.  See this, this, this, and this, for instance.

The notion that the White House would release a fraudulent document boggles the mind. Unless one is dealing with a student of Saul Alinsky. Having watched the Rathergate computer-based debunking of a fake document, Obama knew that his long form COLB would be similarly analyzed.

My strong suspicion is that the data on the document released by the White House is accurate, but that the document was digitally altered precisely to bait the so-called birthers into disputing it, thus continuing the controversy and further marginalizing his opponents. After the controversy continues, at the proper moment, the actual vault copy can be unearthed in Honolulu, and the data examined (perhaps with live coverage by Geraldo Rivera), and his opponents utterly discredited.

As has already happened, the "respectable" conservatives are appalled at those who insist on the trust but verify approach to the document. The conservatives are thereby fractured, with the establishment wing embarrassed by and angry at the grassroots wing that continues to question the provenance of the document released b y the White House.

In other words, Obama is baiting his enemies with the red meat of a fake-but-accurate document.
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