McDonalds attack started over gender, not race

There is more to this story than what's apparent on the video, although there is clue in the attackers yanking a wig off the victim's head.  That's because while the media's description of the victim as a 22 year old woman is politically correct it is also anatomically inaccurate.  The victim is transgendered and chose to use the ladies room.  That facility was already in use by a girl who evidently had not learned in school that gender is merely a social construct. 

What has to be giving local politicians and prosecutors heartburn is that just recently the Maryland legislature voted down a controversial bill that would have made it legal for the transgendered to decide which public restrooms they want to use.  Thus we have the gay lesbian and transgendered community agitating for prosecution as a hate crime even as prosecutors wonder how they will find a local jury who won't think that a 22 year old man who entered a bathroom occupied by a 14 year old girl wasn't out of line to begin with.
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