Could there be a more incompetent horde of goofballs than radical environmentalists and their enablers, the Democrats in Congress?   Perhaps a convention of Stooges and Inspector Clouseaus could cause more unintended consequences, but it's doubtful.

After listening to the tantrums of the Warmist cult, Congress decides to subsidize biofuel production, particularly cassava, corn, sugar and palm oil crops grown for fuel.  The result, as we are starting to realize, is a dramatic decrease in the world's food supply and sharply rising costs.

Unintended consequence:  Accelerating world hunger, particularly in poor, third-world nations. 

Now it is reported (by Warmists themselves) that biofuels produce black carbon soot in the atmosphere.  This has been found to contribute to accelerate melting of the Himalayan glaciers, threatening the water supply for billions of third-world inhabitants.

Unintended consequence:  Drought, devastation, and death (according to the Warmists' own propaganda).

Of course, the effects of biofuel soot are only a threat if you drink the Warmist cult Kool-aid.  Since they are still pushing increases in the use of biofuels, it appears that they don't want to drink it themselves. 

Warming cultists' behavior reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer realizes the hoagie sandwich he's eating is killing him from food poisoning, but he keeps on eating it anyway, because that's what he does. 

Destroying the world to save it.  That's what Warmists do.

Andrew Thomas

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