A debate strategy against Obama for the GOP nominee

Matthew Continetti writing in the Washington Post has some words of wisdom for the GOP nominee when debating Obama:

The president's interview with local Dallas-Fort Worth television reporter Brad Watson has gone viral. Obama clearly dislikes being challenged - he initially claimed he lost Texas in 2008 by "a few" points before Watson corrects him - and snaps at the reporter at the end. Here it is:

Politico calls the segment the "outburst heard ‘round the world.'" I was reminded of Brett Baier's equally testy interview with the president last spring:

The president may not realize it, but he is basically providing the eventual Republican nominee with instructions for next year's presidential debates. Obama is thin-skinned, and if you remind him of his failures or correct him on the facts, he becomes irritable and unpleasant - attributes Americans don't want to see in their president!

Obama losing his cool became big news because he is never, ever challenged - on the facts , on his record, on anything. He is not a very pleasant man and if you can get under his skin, he will reveal that to the American people.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky