Welcome to Yemen, al-Qaeda terrorists

They ought to put that on a travel brochure. The fact is, the political crisis in the capitol has unmoored the country from any semblance of law and order. Police have disappeared and the army is no where to be seen.

In this climate, guess who takes over?

AP is reporting that Yemeni "militants" seized a weapons factory (later reports say the factory was blown up with significant loss of life), as well as a mountain and another town in Southern Yemen. Also, al-Qaeda fighters attacked an army barracks killing 7.

The terrorists are setting up their own checkpoints and moving into areas that were previously denied them. President Saleh, whose tactics of gunning down protestors has split his government, told an Arab newspaper "Yemen is a ticking bomb and if the political system collapses and there's no constructive dialogue there will be a long civil war that will be difficult to end."

A failed state with a strong al-Qaeda presence already there. Sounds like an ideal safe haven for terrorists.