Washington Post punctures another Obama boast

Barack Obama has mishandled the American response to the revolutions sweeping the Muslim world. He voted present when the Iranian people (the only population, apart from the Israelis who like Americans) protested against the mullahs. He flip-flopped in Egypt - and appeared to support Mubarak, days away from his unceremonious departure. And he was feckless in Libya as Kaddafi mowed down his people.

But the administration's approach towards Egypt has been the most incompetent of all. The Obama administration slashed aid going to reform groups early in his administration, weakening people and groups who might have helped promote freedom in Egypt. Yet, at the same time, Obama empowered (in effect) the Muslim Brotherhood - the group that most endangers the prospects for freedom and liberty in Egypt.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama spun and boasted that "History will end up recording that at every juncture in the situation in Egypt, that we were on the right side of history." Barack Obama and his minions will always try to spin failure into success and claim credit where none is due.

But the Washington Post editorial board calls him out-and basically holds that the boast is false. From today's editorial:

The direction of events means that, more than ever, the American interest lies in encouraging more rather than less freedom and in reaching out to those Arabs who seek genuine democracy. If that means straining ties with autocratic allies, that is preferable to appearing to back the wrong side - as the Obama administration has done all too frequently during the past two months.

Barack Obama gives himself another pat on the back and undeserved good grade. Does he ever have any sense of humility? Will the lies ever stop?