Voting 'present' - again

The leader of the free world built his resume in the political spectrum by voting "present" for 129 Illinois Senate votes. His courageous display of self sacrificing toil in representing his constituents in Illinois has obviously carried forward to his handling of the office of the President as well. The people of America are now being treated to the same level of self sacrifice from Obama....NONE!

It would appear that the chosen one finds it considerably more palatable to delegate the duties of the office to others (voting "present"), while he uses the taxpayers' dimes to travel the world, play golf and party at the White House. By all accounts, his lack of concern over issues that effect hundreds of millions of people are evidence that he either: 1) Truly doesn't care or, 2) Is so far in over his head that he honestly doesn't know what to do or, 3) His vision of transforming America requires these moves. There is either a severe disconnect from reality here, an absolute disregard for the people and their suffering, or the man simply wants these issues to fester for a purpose.

During times of major unrest in the Middle East, a life-altering catastrophe for millions in Asia, and the implosion of the world economy, we find our leader mysteriously absent on the world stage. Why anyone who studied his past would be shocked to witness a spokesman-to-the-world hiding behind his golf bag is a mystery to me. His blatant disregard for all matters that do not fit into his ideological bubble, was on display in Illinois during his tenure in the State Senate. If it wasn't an issue close to his radical heart, or a vote that would guarantee a bump in votes in the next election, then it simply did not warrant any more effort than a mere "present" vote.

Now we're shocked that he can't find the time or effort to address matters that are at the forefront of public concern? Let's consider some of the examples of his voting track record as President:

Egyptian revolt: "Present"
Libyan crises: "Present"
18 holes of golf: "Aye" vote
Earthquake in Japan: "Present"
Potential nuclear meltdown: "Present"
Date nights with Michelle: "Aye" vote
US dollar collapse: "Present"
Party time at the White House: "Aye" vote
Massive unemployment: "Present"
Campaign trips to swing states: "Aye" vote
Prosecution of Blank Panthers: "Present"
Sweet 16 bracket picks: "Aye" vote
Michelle's fight obesity campaign: "Aye" vote
Health care takeover: "Aye" vote
Recognition of terrorist attack at Fort Hood: "Present"
Complete shutdown of government over budget: "Present"
Wisconsin union battle: "Aye" vote
$4.00 a gallon gas: "Present"

It's safe to assume that if there were a nuclear meltdown near his favorite golf course, or if the tragedy in Japan affected the production of basketballs, then we might see a true President in action. Until then, let's just pray that America comes to its' senses in 2012. The management of this country requires far more than a simple vote of "Present" in order to survive.