Union thugs try to silence recall effort in Wisconsin

With the Wisconsin Senate and the democratic process being held hostage by 14 Democrat union puppets on the run in the People’s Republic of Illinois, the hard working-tax payers of the Dairy State have begun the recall process.  Local patriots have risen to the challenge posed by the irrational and unethical conduct of the Senate Democrats and have volunteered their time and effort in a truly grassroots expression of their abiding faith in representative government.


This past weekend, peaceful recall petition events came under assault from union agitators eager to flex their muscle and derail the free and democratic process.  My friend and fellow Tea Party Patriot Lori White made me aware of the union intimidation that had occurred in the Burlington and Kenosha areas and she put me in touch with Dan Hunt, the leader of the “Recall Wirch” effort. 


State Senator Robert Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) has served public sector union interests in the 22nd district since 1997 and is currently subverting the democratic process from an undisclosed location in Illinois. 


Yesterday I spoke with Dan Hunt and he confirmed the stories that have been circulating about union efforts to suppress the “Recall Wirch” petition drive.  According to Mr. Hunt, union agitators were already present at Veteran’s Terrace in Burlington more than an hour before the event.  Union members representing teachers, firefighters and teamsters had assembled and taken up strategic positions in order to achieve maximum visibility and restrict access by blocking entrances and filling available parking areas. 


The highly organized union mob waved their mass produced signs and periodically deployed at entrances to create a human barrier when vehicles dared to breech their lines, quickly melting back into the crowd after convincing the vehicle’s occupants to leave.  Lacking any sense of shame and parenting skills, many of the union agitators brought their young children to help fortify their human barricades.  The well trained mercenaries were careful to avoid the sort of physical violence that once accompanied the Obamacare town hall meetings. 


In an e-mail forwarded to me by Lori White, a volunteer named Gerry who was manning a drive-through event in Burlington reported that he was overwhelmed by the union mob.  Although they were generally well behaved, “the protesters sucked all the oxygen by strategically blocking our signs from the view of the passerby.  Their very real and visible presence effectively hid the fact that we were collecting recall signatures on private property.”  Gerry observed that “they were well organized and knew exactly what to do to obstruct our efforts and stay legal.”  Sadly, the drive-through site was shut down before noon due to the “unionistas.”


The extent to which the enemies of free and representative government are willing to go in this battle should be a wake-up call to us all.  This is no longer just a local matter, this fight has taken on national significance, or Gerry explains it “The battle has been engaged, we CANNOT lose it, or I fear we lose our State and our Country for good.”  The unions and their Democrat puppets (including Mr. Obama) seem to have no compunction about denying the citizens of Wisconsin their First Amendment right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” so we as people of good conscious must rise to meet this challenge.


President Ronald Reagan warned us not to take our responsibility at citizens lightly when he said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  This is the time when our faith and resolve will be tested.  Will future generations be consigned to the tyranny of the state having never known the blessings of freedom and liberty that our forefathers entrusted to our care and keeping?   


March 9, 2011




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