Obama's Contribution to the Emerging Middle East Landscape

The dramatic events of recent weeks give rise to the question; what will the landscape of the Middle East look like in the years to come? It will clearly not be the landscape of recent decades characterized by strong, long-tenured, often despotic, leaders. Mubarak is gone. Many of his cohorts will follow.  In an ideal world flourishing new democracies would take root but in the arid, blood-stained soils of the Middle East the establishment of even a single, marginally-functioning, pluralistic democracy is unlikely. Democracies may sprout spontaneously but they are unlikely to mature if the support they receive from the United States is not coupled with a requirement to fully embrace the principles of a modern democracy.  To be successful, we must make it clear that United States supports the departure of despots but not their replacement with warlords, rogue regimes, religious zealots, and tribal chieftains. Unfortunately, the policies of the Obama Administration are all but...(Read Full Post)