Obama Leads Sheen by Only 13 Points More Than Does Palin

A Poll conducted by Public Policy Polling shows that former AK Governor Palin trails Charlie Sheen 36-41 among Independent voters in a hypothetical match-up, but Palin would beat Charlie Sheen 49-29 among all voters. President Obama would beat Sheen 57-24. In other words, the lead of the ‘stupid-crazy-out-of-touch-does-not-stand-a-chance-to-be-president' Palin among all voters is only thirteen points weaker than the lead of President -- ‘who-took-a-step-down-to-take-this-job-smartest-man-in-the-room-that-is-so-populer' -- Obama. Additionally, in its report PPP didn't produce its findings of Obama vs. Sheen among Independents. I wonder why?

Obama's weak lead over Sheen between all voters -- which is only 6.5 stronger than Palin's lead if you consider that one vote lost by you is two gained by the other candidate -- is bad news for the President. However, you would not know it from the following headlines:

Public Policy Polling: Palin trails Sheen with independents.

National Journal:  Sarah Palin Trails Charlie Sheen in Presidential Polling

Daily Kos: The Biggest Loser: Sarah Palin trails Charlie Sheen among independents.

Mother Jones (in its Tweet): In a presidential race between Sarah Palin & Charlie Sheen, who'd win?

Of course, when a Republicans wins against a Democrat it must be the election was stolen. After all, didn't polls days earlier show the Democrat wining? Also, let us ignore that Sheen ranks numbers one in internet and Social Media traffic, while Palin is number five, just one slot below Obama.

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