Obama and the Birth Certificate -- Trumped Again

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American Thinker has been kind enough to post some 70 blogs of mine, but none has generated as much response as the
one last Friday on Donald Trump's demand that the president release his birth certificate.

I never had much use for Trump in the past, but you've got to hand it to him in this case. Instead of hunkering down and apologizing when called a racist, he has doubled down on his bet and even released his own birth certificate. What? A Republican who refuses to grovel before Jesse Jackson when called a racist?

At the Huffington Post, the best they can do on the story is reference JournOlist member Ben Smith at Politico, who "refutes" Trump thus: "As I wrote earlier, an official copy of Obama's birth certificate -- the same thing Trump would have to prove his own birth -- has been available and online for more than three years." Hey, Rip Van Winkle, slept through the last three years have you? The Obamaites have been dragging that red herring across the trail ever since the campaign, but read slowly: "official birth certificate" is not the same as "certificate of live birth." I know, there's a big word there (gee, "certificate" has four syllables), but maybe you can study up on the matter before writing any more foolishness, Rip (sorry, Ben).

But wait, Ben Smith, the intrepid fact checker, in another post on the story informs us that what Trump released is a hospital certificate of birth, not an official birth certificate issued by a government entity, crowing that Trump has his own birth certificate problem. Deflection again: this story is about our president and his fitness to serve, while fanboy Smith takes the first opportunity to make it into a story about Trump.

The Obamaites will say Trump is a publicity hound. And a commenter on Smith's silly column calls Trump a "pompous, publicity seeking idiot." Oh my, not publicity seeking. Isn't that what politics is about, putting your name before the public day after day? As for pomposity, our friends on the left must be enthralled with Mr. Obama's every speech, nose in the air, chin thrust out, finger wagging as he admonishes us, "Let me be perfectly clear." OK, Mr. President, about that birth certificate: here's a chance for perfect clarity.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre for a technical writer living in Arizona. He may be reached at saler.50d[at]gmail.com.