More secret executions in Iran

While upheaval and protests rage in many Muslim countries of the mideast, in Iran the government continues its murderous ways against its own citizens.

Mohabat, an Iranian Christian news agency, discovered and reported the recent secret hanging of a Jewish Iranian woman and her Armenian-Iranian Christian husband a few weeks ago.

Why were they executed? In Iran the answer is why not?

It is still unknown what those prisoners were charged for.


[T]he Revolutionary Court, located inside the Evin prison, in confirming this execution refused to provide any further details about the surrender of the executed bodies of the prisoners.


It is noteworthy to mention that the families of the victims, who had asked the authorities to return the bodies of their loved ones in order to be buried according to their cultural and religious customs have received threats of arrest from the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence.

The UN's Human Rights Council, which suspended  Libya's membership a month ago, had nothing to say about this violation of human rights of a nation that until a few years ago was an honored member of the Human Rights Council. Also silent was the UN's Commission on the Status of Women, of which Iran is also an honored member.

Perhaps that is because in the spirit of gender equality, Iran treated the couple equally.


hat tip: JTA