Judge Sumi's personal bias

Well, well, well! What a surprise. Not! The blog Freedom Eden has discovered some interesting personal background on Wisconsin's Judge Maryann Sumi, the very judge who issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug La Follette from publishing Act 10, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's (R) law limiting collective bargaining for state employees.

Judge Sumi has a son, Jake Sinderbrand. And Sinderbrand works for...the AFL-CIO and the SEIU: The very unions which would be adversely affected by the law. Naturally, Sinderbrand doesn't think much of Walker, "I wonder how this guy passed kindergarten math" is one of the kindest comments on his facebook page.

So, following the example of those screeching liberals demanding that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas remove himself from trials on the legality of Obamacare because of his wife's opposition to it, shouldn't Judge Sumi excuse herself from the decision? Sumi's son is much more involved with the case than Thomas' wife.

Just asking.

hat tip: Gateway Pundit