DHS funded propaganda event cancelled

Today’s “anti-terror” drill in Pottawattamie County, Iowa has been put on hold due to the efforts of true patriots and loyal Americans.  The very real threat of a terrorist incident is something that we as Americans have been increasingly forced to prepare for in the post 9/11 world.  Islamic extremists continue their terror campaign against our very way of life, centrally organized and well- funded public sector union mobs in Madison, Wisconsin (and elsewhere) paint a chilling picture of leftist attempts to destroy the free democratic process and the expanding drug war on our southern border continues to rage in the face of gross federal incompetence.


In Western Iowa local officials and emergency response agencies had carefully prepared an “anti-terror” response drill to meet a potential terror threat to their community.  In the wake of last summer’s racially motivated mob attacks (dubbed “beat whitey night) at the Iowa State Fair in which 30-40 black teens roamed the fairgrounds and randomly beat white fairgoers, emergency response drilling would seem to be a good idea, even in America’s heartland. 


So what sort of scenario was developed for this “anti-terror” drill?  According to the Des Moines Register, Pottawattamie County officials chose to address the possibility of a terror attack by young white supremacists against illegal immigrants and racial minorities as the basis for their drill.  County officials said this scenario was chosen to meet the requirements for Department of Homeland Security funding.  This would be attack is consistent with the 2009 DHS report on domestic terrorism in which Veterans, pro-life advocates, 2nd Amendment supporters and many other loyal American citizens were included in their list of potential domestic terrorists.


Due to public indignation over the obvious political agenda of the “anti-terror” exercise, local organizers decided to cancel the event.  The official response to charges of a carefully crafted political bias in the scenario was predictable.


“In no way has our office or any other response agencies favored a political view or issue.  Our only intent was to prepare for a worst-case scenario to build our capacity for such an event and to test any gaps in our response system,” county officials said.


Event organizers and local officials have been busy smearing patriotic groups and individuals who expressed their displeasure over the chosen scenario and are claiming that (unsubstantiated) threats have been made.  The Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s office is investigating, although Sheriff Danker admitted that he has doubts about the legitimacy of the alleged threats. 


If the organizers in Pottawattamie County were to choose a more viable scenario for a terrorist attack there would be strong support from all patriotic Americans.  Perhaps the discovery of a plot to bomb government facilities hatched inside a local Mosque by Islamic radicals would be a good choice.  Of course if they were to plan such an event there would be no shortage of real and substantial threats from the Muslim community, not to mention law suits from C.A.I.R., the DOJ, DHS and an perhaps a U.S. Senate investigation led by Dick Durbin.


The silver lining in this story is that “We The People” are awake and engaged.  It wasn’t so very long ago that this sort of politically motivated drill would have been held without any meaningful public opposition. 


March 26, 2011