Deconstructing Obama Makes Fox & Friends

It took a combination of Donald Trump's air war and a New Jersey-based grass roots guerilla war to open television news up to the possibility that Barack Obama is not the writer, let alone the man, that he says he is.  Into the breach went I on Tuesday morning's always congenial Fox & Friends. (view here)

Trump's actions are well enough known.  Less known, but altogether effective, was the minor media coup pulled off by Dan Haggerty, a New Jersey architect and Tea Party activist, and some colleagues from his group, Americans for Liberty.

On Thursday, March 24, Haggerty videotaped a presentation by erstwhile terrorist Bill Ayers at Montclair State University.  An attorney from Haggerty's group got in the final question of the evening.  He began by citing a highly favorable review of Barack Obama's memoir Dreams from My Father.

Unprompted, Ayers interrupted, "Did you know that I wrote it?" After repeating this assertion, Ayers withdrew into an ambiguous bit of irony.   Haggerty could care less about the jokey ending.  Ayers had provided him with a newsworthy clip, which he promptly posted to YouTube.

That YouTube clip and Trump's very public protest about Obama's birth certificate gave the producers at Fox & Friends the wiggle room they needed to have me on the show.  My thanks to FOX, Americans for Liberty, and "the Donald."  Let us see what happens from here.