Crazy in 'socialist' Seattle: Bending the Law for 'Social Justice'

Forget about equal protection under the law in hip Seattle. One of America's most liberal cities is turning a blind eye to some crimes committed by minorities. In addition, legal and illegal immigrants are getting off for offenses for which American citizens would be prosecuted.

How can Seattle overlook one of the cornerstone's of the U.S. Constitution? It's because of its "race and social justice initiative," reports Fox News.

Outraged, Seattle police officer Steve Pomper has started an uproar by writing a column in his union newsletter titled: "Shut Up and Be a Good Little Socialist."

Officer Pomper explains: "When somebody comes in with a policy like that, it doesn't allow us to treat people with equal justice. It's socialism."

Clearly, political correctness and leftist ideology have clearly run amuck in Seattle's Alice-in-Wonderland world. Now, African-Americans can expect to get off for traffic offenses for which whites would be prosecuted. 

That's considered "social justice." 

The reason is because African-Americans in the past were "disproportionately" charged with some traffic offenses -- and those higher arrest rates are blamed on the law's inherent social injustice! That's what Seattle's "race and social justice initiative" aims to combat.

For example, when a motorist is charged with driving on a suspended license for failing to pay a fine, the law calls for the person to be charged with driving on a suspended license in the "third degree." But therein lies a problem in the minds of Seattle's city leaders, for as reports:

"City Attorney Pete Holmes says 44 percent of the people prosecuted were African American. Holmes believes that's because blacks and other racial minorities are more likely to be poor than whites and unable to pay their fines. He also says it's a waste of city resources to prosecute those cases, so his goal is to reduce prosecutions by 90 percent.

"If we start to learn and understand that one of those institutional causes of racism is actually in the criminal justice system, it's our obligation as prosecutors to address it," Holmes told Fox News' Megyn Kelly in an on-air report.

Immigrants -- legal and illegal -- also have become a privileged class in Seattle that's above the law. They can expect to get lighter sentences than American citizens for crimes due to concerns they might be deported, according to Kelly's report. Drunken driving is one such offence.

It doesn't stop there. Seattle also has tweaked its hiring practices to promote "social justice": Jobs requiring college degrees are considered "racist" because more whites have college degrees than minorities.

To ensure Seattle's police enforce the law with "social justice" in mind, officers are getting hours of "sensitivity" and "racial profiling" training -- and many are not happy about that. 

"Shut and be a good little Socialist": It's an apt description of what's happening in Seattle. In his anti-communist classic "Animal Farm," George Orwell put it another way: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Only in Stalinist Russia -- and in hip and liberal Seattle.
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