Brits intercept weapons from Iran headed for the Taliban

This can't be true. After all, how many times have we been told that Iran hates the Taliban and would never work with them in Afghanistan? Anyone who believes otherwise is a neocon warmonger who doesn't know anything.

Thank goodness the British don't listen to the American left.

The BBC:

The 48 rockets are understood to have been intercepted in Nimruz Province, in southern Afghanistan, on 5 February.

UK officials say technical analysis showed they had come from Iran.

William Hague said Iran's actions were at odds with its claim to "support stability and security in Afghanistan".

The rockets are understood to have a much greater range than the weapons currently available to Taliban insurgents.

It is believed that both UK and Afghan troops were involved in the operation to intercept them in Nimruz, which borders Iran.

Mr Hague said: "This is completely unacceptable. It is not the behaviour of a responsible neighbour.

"It is at odds with Iran's claim to the international community and to its own people that it supports stability and security in Afghanistan."

All those "experts" on Islam who have repeatedly told us that the fundamentalist Shias will never assist the fundamentalist Sunnis should be exposed for the idiots they are. Listening to them will get a lot of Americans killed.