About those high gas and oil prices

Whoops! If, as many suspect, President Barack Obama (D) is discouraging drilling for gas and oil thereby increasing its price, it will force people to use public transportation. But if people are herded onto public transportation, according to a survey of the American Public Transportation Association, soaring gas prices will convince Americans to turn to public transportation in record numbers, possibly overloading our transit systems.

Those of you squeezed onto New York's, Washington DC's, Philadelphia's or Chicago's subway systems may have thought you were on an overloaded system already.

This survey was a plea for more money for public transportation even though most Americans do not live in high population dense areas necessary for efficient public transportation.

Is the high price of gas Obama's fault?
Sarah Palin certainly thinks so as she carefully lays out the facts.

His war on domestic oil and gas exploration and production has caused us pain at the pump, endangered our already sluggish economic recovery, and threatened our national security. (snip)

The evidence of the President's anti-drilling mentality and his culpability in the high gas prices hurting Americans is there for all to see. The following is not even an exhaustive list:

Exhibit A: His drilling moratorium. Guided by politics and pure emotion following the Gulf spill instead of peer-reviewed science or defensible law, the President used the power of his executive order to impose a deepwater drilling moratorium. (snip)

Exhibit B: His 2012 budget. The President used his 2012 budget to propose the elimination of several vital oil and natural gas production tax incentives. (snip)

Exhibit C: His anti-drilling regulatory policies. The U.S. Geological Survey found that the area north of the Arctic Circle has an estimated 90 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil and 1,670 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas, one third of which is in Alaskan territory. That's our next Prudhoe Bay right there.

According to Palin, this is deliberate, part of a long term, carefully thought out plan to increase the price of gas and oil.

Before we saw any protests in the Middle East, increased global demand led to a significant rise in oil prices; but the White House stood idly by watching the prices go up and allowing America to remain increasingly dependent on imports from foreign regimes in dangerously unstable parts of the world.

This was no accident. Through a process of what candidate Obama once called "gradual adjustment," American consumers have seen prices at the pump rise 67 percent since he took office. Let's not forget that in September 2008, candidate Obama's Energy Secretary in-waiting said: "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

Ah yes, let's be like Europe, a place over half our ancestors left precisely because we didn't want to be like them.

As Palin concludes

2012 can't come soon enough.

Drill, drill, drill!