A war he owns but refuses to acknowledge

Does President Obama really believe he can escape responsibility for US involvement in the war in Libya?

It appears that way at times. First of all, he is virtually silent on the conflict, sending his flaks out to run interference for him and making Hilllary Clinton the media face of the war.

Secondly, we've had no oval office speech to the American people explaining why we are bombing hell out of another country.

Third, he still refuses to ask congress for war powers to carry out the mission while bizarrely refusing to refer to the conflict as a "war" at all.

Our president is in for a very rude surprise. It might interest him to know that the American people will not be snowed by any "handoff" to NATO for the responsibility of conducting this war. As long as Americans are in harms way, the American people will rightly believe the president is responsible for their lives. It won't matter if Obama tries to hide behind NATO's apron strings or the UN's skirts. It won't matter if the US role is reduced significantly. The outcome of this Libyan adventure is how the American people will judge Obama - not how many missions our planes fly or whether he was able to keep American troops from having to go in and take out Gaddafi.

Remarkably naive and tragically incompetent; that's been the sum total of Obama's conduct so far in this war. He can hide in the White House and keep his mouth shut from now until election day but the American people are judging him now. With only 17% believing he is a "strong military leader" it would seem they have already take the mettle of this man and have found him wanting.

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