A Democrat Discovers 'Jihad'

Democrat pollster Mark Mellman worked for Presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 and Senator Harry Reid in 2010. He wrote an opinion piece for The Hill entitled Wisconsin governor is waging ‘jihad' against unions. The last time a prominent Democrat used the term ‘jihad' it was President Obama's top counterterrorism advisor John Brennan lecturing that:

"...jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's community...

However, Mellman's use of ‘jihad' does not fit Brennan's description at all, as he certainly does not mean that Governor Walker is waging self purification at Wisconsin's PEUs. Mellman uses ‘jihad' as a negative, as a bad thing, something Mellman goes on to explain that most Americans would oppose!

So Democrats have found a ‘jihad' they and the American people can oppose, right there in Wisconsin, engaged in by democratically elected representatives of the people through the legislative process!

And I must remind myself that since the early sixties I have been informed again and again that the Democrats are the smart people.

Denis Keohane

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