9/11 Is So Yesterday

Dutifully taking its orders from Mayor Mike Bloomberg, the New York City Council voted to rename the Queensboro Bridge the Edward Koch Bridge after a hero cop who lost his life in the World Trade Center on 9/11. No. That's not right. Ed Koch was a fireman who gave his life to save others in a Bronx fire. No. That's not right either.

Koch must have been some kind of hero. Maybe he jumped onto subway tracks to save the life of a baby. No. That's not right either. Koch? Koch? Wasn't he a politician? A congressman and then a mayor?

Too bad New York City doesn't have any heroes who gave their lives to save the lives of others?

If it did, politician Bloomberg wouldn't have to name a bridge after another politician. Bloomberg apparently thinks that politicians are the crown of creation and that a politician who merely does his job is worthy of monuments and hosannahs.

If anyone has the name of even one such New York City hero, perhaps you could share it with Mayor Bloomberg. Perhaps the unions representing the police and firemen might have a clue.
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