Wisconsin doctors scrubbed

Uh oh! Apparently embarrassed and/or worried about lawsuits, the University of Wisconsin Health Department of Family Medicine Faculty and Staff has er...scrubbed the names of the doctors so gleefully handing out phony medical excuses to protesters from their roster.

The Unlikely Hospitalist poster at
Pundit Press asks:

Is this merely an attempt to cover up and avoid additional embarrassment or is University of Wisconsin Health making attempt to reestablish its reputation by coming down hard on a few as an example to the many?


Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, announced that it would begin "looking into accusations that a number of local doctors provided the notes for protesters who missed work during the week...the department will review complaints with the independent Medical Examining Board as soon as possible." This of course comes one day after a spokesman for University of Wisconsin Health said that it too was looking into the matter.

If these scribbly excuse happy medical personnel are disciplined will the union working men and women--and their flighty Democrat legislative enablers--come to their aid? If so, who will write their excuses?

hat tip: Instapundit