Where Obama is Blind, Putin Sees

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for American Thinker about the American response to Egypt's crisis. I tried to describe that everyone simply backing Obama's play and supporting "democratic elections" for the country is a dangerous thing to do; that "democracy" means little if the majority of a population would oppose human rights, individual liberty, and would harbor a warlike aggression toward the West and Israel. 

Vladamir Putin has just made a similar suggestion about the Middle Eastern revolutions, supporting that contention. According to Reuters:

Putin warned that previous attempts to "impose democracy" had fostered Iran's Islamic revolution and triggered election victories for radicals that the West is now fighting to contain.

Russia has long rejected Western criticism of its own democratic credentials and treatment of political opponents.

"Not long ago at all, our partners came out actively for honest democratic elections in the Palestinian territories," Putin said.

With heavy sarcasm, he added: "Wonderful! Well done, lads! And it turns out Hamas wins, the same people you are calling a terrorist organisation and have started to fight against."

Hamas -- which does not recognise Israel and won U.S. and European Union-backed Palestinian Territory elections in 2006 -- seized control of Gaza 18 months later after fighting allies of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Tragically, Vladdy and I will probably be proven right in time, unless someone can shake our president out of his apologetic, multiculturalist haze, and say, "Look! [Finger squarely pointed at history] It's happened over and over, and you're making the same mistakes. It is our Western values we should be protecting and promoting, not democracy. Simply calling for democracy is not an answer. WAKE UP!"

William Sullivan blogs at: http://politicalpalaverblog.blogspot.com