The consequences of a government shutdown

In a post yesterday, I described the actual consequences of a government shutdown. This is information every patriotic American should be aware of because the Democrats are going to demagogue it to death. This article dissects what they are saying, their methodology, and just exactly how cynically dishonest they really are. No opinions here, but irrefutable fact.

A few gems:

Virtually all Democrat websites, media outlets, members of Congress and the President are warning of a shutdown of Social Security.

Absolute, irrefutable lie

The Post Office will stop delivering mail:

(Okay that is an opinion. I could say worse.) The Post Office self-funds via stamp revenues.

Air traffic controllers will be furloughed.

No they will not.

The Dems know all this stuff because they posted a 2004 Congressional Research Service report on their House Rules Committee website which refutes all their heated rhetoric.

I wish that the worst you could say about Democrats is that they lie, but as we all now know, it is much worse than that.

This is a fight for our country. Don't let the Republicans lose their spine. The House has passed a Continuing Resolution that cuts government spending and defunds Obamacare. The Democrats will go to the mat to defeat it.

Don't let them. Call your congressman now!

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