Obama's Gay Marriage Angst

When it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act, it seems that Barack Obama is trying to do his best Mario Cuomo impersonation.

The White House announced yesterday that President Obama was wrestling with the whole gay marriage thing.  And while the President grapples with the moral and societal implications of gay marriage over snifters of brandy in his White House study, the Justice Department, per the President's instruction, will cease to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. 

Seems that the President is taking the Cuomo script on abortion and applying it to gay marriage.  Recall that former Governor Cuomo was famous for tussling with the abortion question.  Cuomo would make public declarations about how tough the abortion question was to settle.  But settle the abortion question, Cuomo did.

Governor Cuomo made it clear that he personally opposed abortion but that he couldn't possibly impose that belief on others.  Hence, abortion should be legal, which fits nicely with the worldview of radical feminists and liberals.  Quite a coincidence. 

Of course, the Cuomo line -- personally oppose abortion but let millions rip -- became a standard talking point for Democrats across the republic. 

Needless-to-say, Cuomo's reasoning is morally indefensible.  If one believes that abortion is taking human life, then isn't one duty-bound to defend life?  Well, not in the mind of a world-class sophist like Mario Cuomo.  Or the late crass political operator, Teddy Kennedy.
Now we have Barack Obama wrestling with the question of gay marriage -- a sham, as National Review points out.  What say we lay odds that Mr. Obama will emerge from his intellectual struggle to proclaim that while he has personal reservations about gay marriage, he can't possibly impose his belief on others.  So, then, let's get on with debasing the institution of marriage and further debauching American society -- which fits nicely with what the left wants. 

Quite a coincidence, huh?