Is the taboo on reporting about the ineffectiveness of MAD and Iran beginning to crack?

After years of silence finally we see Iran's intentions exposed to the American audience. The movie Iranium is now being shown all around the US.  

Two days in a row Fox News had broadcasted programs about Iran. On Thursday there was Glenn Beck with Who Is the 12th Imam? and last night Sean Hannity with Iran's Ticking Time Bomb on the documentary Iranium.

In Iranium Bernard Lewis says: 

What makes this particularly alarming is the whole question of nuclear weapons.  During the Cold War both the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons. That they did not use them, and they knew they we not going to use them, because of what we used to call at that time  MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction.  Each side knew that if they used nuclear weapons the others would respond in kind and this would obliterate everybody.

With these people, with their apocalyptic mindset, mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent, it is an inducement  

Yet  immediately following  this segment quoting Bernard Lewis one would have expected that Sean Hannity proceed to discuss with Raphael Shore  and Walid Phares the crux of the danger about Iran and that is that it cannot be deterred and that the MAD doctrine is ineffective. Instead,  Hannity decided to talk about women's rights in the Muslim world.  Surely the fate of our whole civilization if Iran starts a nuclear war to hasten the return of the Mahdi is more important?  What kind of women's rights will there be to talk about in the post nuclear war world?

The same day, The Jerusalem Post  published an interview with Menashe Amir who has been broadcasting from Israel to his native Iran for more than half a century. Menashe Amir says:

Iran's current rulers, he goes on, "are crazy people. Crazy people who have missiles with 2,000 km. and 5,000 km. and 6,000 km. ranges, and planning for 10,000 km. If they get a nuclear bomb tomorrow, they'll be able to threaten Berlin, London and Paris. Eventually, New York.

"They say that they lost 500,000 people in the eight-year war with Iraq (and other sources suggest the number was twice that high), but note that millions more were born in the same period. And that, in any case, ‘all is permissible in the cause of Islam.' They believe that the messiah's arrival is imminent, and that he will turn the whole world Islamic.

"So yes," he adds, somewhat unnecessarily after those comments, "I do believe that if this regime stays and widens, that's a disaster for the entire world."

Apparently it will take some time for the message to sink in.
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