If anyone cares - and few do - the UN sorta condemns Libya

If it had been the US or another western country using helicopter gun ships to mow down unarmed civilians in the streets, my guess would be that half the UN delegates would have had a case of apoplexy and demanded drum head trials and executions of American leaders.

But this is the bunch that elected Libya to the Human Rights Council - a mistake that they are refusing to rectify despite what is turning out to be Tiananmen Square on steroids. The UN resolution on Libya is full of fire and brimstone:

The council's 15 members said the Libyan government should "meet its responsibility to protect its population", act with restraint, and respect human rights and international humanitarian law.

The Libyan authorities should also hold accountable those people responsible for attacking civilians, and respect the rights of its citizens to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and press freedom, they added.

British ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said the statement was "extremely strong", and indicated further measures were likely in the coming days.

Well, perhaps not fire and brimstone. More like milquetoast and oatmeal. A UN spokesman gravely announced that it was "too soon" to talk about sanctions. Nothing like quick, decisive action by our international Keepers of Human Rights.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi is probably congratulating himself that the world, as usual, will stand by while he cleanses his country of anyone who doesn't agree that they live in paradise.

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