Exchanging Present Perils for Future Fantasies

A government report was just released on U.S. border security. It concludes that our nation is in operational control of less than half of our Southern border. We know that Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano has been touting how well Mr. Obama and his political appointees are doing at securing the United States from the illegal alien invasion. Indeed, only three weeks ago Director Napolitano declared "The Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented effort to bring focus and intensity to Southwest border security."

This "unprecedented effort" consists of a $600 million request funded by Congress in the summer of 2010 to hire 1,000 new Border Patrol Agents and plug in some additional technology to replace the virtual border fence now being abandoned by the Obama Administration.

To put this $600 Million dollar border effort in perspective, the Obama administration has just proposed spending $50 Billion dollars of our tax money on building some high-speed rail spurs in a few politically choice locations. Perhaps high-speed trains will get terrorists who slip across our southern border to their locations more quickly, but the American people may have to pay a fearful price if we allow the Obama administration to exchange present perils for future fantasies.
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