Whose 'fault' is it that Gitmo is still open?

According to the Wikileaks docs, the reason Obama failed to close the Guantanamo detention center was because Congress refused to allow terrorists to "settle" in the United States.

In an unintentionally funny article, McClatchy's Carol Rosenberg just can't seem to understand why the American people would feel a little nervous about living next door to a terrorist:

Two years after the newly minted Obama administration moved to undo what had become one of the most controversial legacies of the George W. Bush presidency by ordering the closure of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a trove of State Department documents made public by the website WikiLeaks is providing new information about why that effort failed.

Key among the factors, the cables suggest: Congress' refusal to allow any of the captives to be brought to the United States.

In cable after cable sent to the State Department in Washington, American diplomats make it clear that the unwillingness of the United States to resettle a single detainee in this country - even from among 17 ethnic Muslim Uighurs considered enemies of China's communist government - made other countries reluctant to take in detainees.

Europe balked and said the United States should go first. Yemen at one point proposed the United States move the detainees from Cuba to America's SuperMax prison in the Colorado Rockies. Saudi Arabia's king suggested the military plant micro-chips in Guantanamo captives before setting them free.

Yes, resettling violent, fanatical jihadists presents some special problems. But really, the problem, according to the striped pants set at the State Department, is that we Americans have an inordinate fear of getting killed. Don't we know it's for a higher cause of making the US look better in the eyes of the world that we endure the risk of allowing terrorists to live among us? I'm sure they consider us selfish for worrying about such mundane things as life and death where they are concerned about our "moral authority."

I guess we just don't have the sophistication of our State Department.