Twenty-Nine Anti-Abortion Governors Ready for Battle

Americans have had it with the culture of death. The New York Times ran an article reporting the new numbers of anti-abortion legislators resulting from the 2010 elections. Over half the states' governors are now anti-abortion.

Most of the article quoted Planned Parenthood and NARAL who revealed their concerns about the threat of limited access to "reproductive care," but they're actually worried about losing out on the lucrative abortion industry which they've cultivated for the past 38 years.

The biggest shift is in the state capitols, with 29 governors now considered to be solidly anti-abortion, compared with 21 last year. "This is worrisome because the governors have been the firewall, they've vetoed a lot of bad anti-choice legislation," said Ted Miller, a spokesman for Naral Pro-Choice America [hyperlink removed].


"We're facing the biggest threat to reproductive rights we've ever faced in this state," said Lisa Subeck, executive director for Naral Pro-Choice Wisconsin [hyperlink removed] "


This last election was not about these issues at all," said Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America [hyperlink removed]. "We now are concerned about a real overreaching by some state legislators and governors that will make it very difficult for women to access reproductive health care."

Leftist abortion rights advocates always use doomsday scenarios when they're backed up against a wall. They couldn't care less about a woman's quality of life; they only see cash cows like Planned Parenthood's annual $350 million in taxpayer dollars in danger of being de-funded.

Poll data shows as of 2009 Americans against abortion rose to 51% as opposed to 44% who call themselves pro-choice. Interesting to note was an abrupt changeover which occurred during the election year 2008. Pro-choice dropped 7 percentage points from the time around the Democratic primary in 2008 to the middle of the following year, while pro-life gained 8 percentage points in the same time period. Was this mere coincidence or a backlash against a president who has supported keeping abortion legal, even to the point of voting in favor of brutal partial birth abortions?

The tide has turned in favor of a pro-life agenda with a majority of governors fighting for the rights of the unborn. Pro-life legislation will be ramped up during 2011.

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