The ruins of Detroit

No place in America better symbolizes the ruination brought by Democrats than Detroit. The city has been run by Democrats for decades, while its economic life has been in thrall to the unions, which drove up wages to unsustainable levels, ruining the American auto industry.

The UK Guardian has published a selection of stunning photographs taken by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, showing the ruins of once grand buildings in the Motor City. It is heartbreaking to see -- almost as if a war was fought there.

Actually, there was, but it was a political war won by Democrats and unions, with the results starkly obvious to all not blinded by ideology. If President Obama has his way with over-regulation, union bailouts, borrowing and spending, and "spreading the wealth around," he can do for America what the Dems have done for Detroit.

Hat tip: Blondie