Sometimes a word is just a word

If we want to solve the main problems of our society, we must set our sights high and take aim at the areas most needy of improvement. Let's lock and load and shoot for a total victory over the forces that are killing our prestige and murdering the respect of other nations. Nobody expects the battle to be easy, but it's worth fighting.

In education, for example, we've got to wage a campaign to target the poorest-performing educators and eliminate them from our schools. Then we have to let go with both barrels to kill off automatic tenure, bloated benefits, and unaffordable pensions. If we don't take an ax to these expenditures, we will never be able to chop them down to a manageable size.

When it comes to corrupt politicians, society must roll out its big guns and blast away at pay-to-play and other unacceptable albeit widespread practices. Bribery and cronyism must be totally annihilated, and we ought to take a stab at eliminating nepotism as well.

With regard to economic progress, it's  imperative to avoid job-killing regulation, mandates that strangle growth, and exploding deficits that blow up our national debt. At the same time, we must ensure that those rules that are needed have enough punch to knock out any time-bombs that are likely to destroy stability.

I could go on, but you get the idea.
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