Pat Condell on the Lars Hedegaard Show Trial

The nonpareil Pat Condell has provided us with this blunt, succinct lesson for all to learn about the Lars Hedegaard show trial.

Below are some key extracts, but watch the entire brief video (below)

In this trial as the other two show trials currently underway in the Netherlands and Austria, the truth is no defense. This is not about establishing the truth, which is what justice is supposed to do. It's about suppressing the truth to appease the threat of Muslim violence, which makes it an act of cultural terrorism. And it is compounded by the fact that we haven't heard a word about any of this from the so-called "free press," who seem to want to keep it their little secret. If not for the Internet nobody would even know this trial is happening...

Our civilization was forged in the crucible of opposing ideas freely expressed. That's the magic secret. It's the gold standard that made us what we are, and made our society the most advanced in human history, and we have an obligation to uphold that standard, no matter what, for the sake of future generations.

Despite the avalanche of rights we've been showered with in recent years ducking out of this is one right we don't have because without the right to speak your mind all other rights are worthless. Free speech is not the property of this generation of spineless appeasers. It's as intrinsic and essential a part of our identity as the Koran is for Muslims. And nobody has the right to restrict it or modify it regardless of who claims to be offended. Anyone who insists on being offended is welcome to grow a thicker skin or go and live somewhere else. And if they don't like that they can go to hell, and that includes all public prosecutors and the horse they rode in on.