No place for a Jew (or any infidel)

It would certainly be foolhardy at best, and physically dangerous at worst, for any Jew to go poking around a place in upstate New York known by its inhabitants as Islamberg.

And the same would be true for Christians, Baha'i, Hindus, or any other "infidels" hated and slated for subjugation by the Islamist jihadists at this Muslim terrorist training camp -- or any of the many others around the nation, as shown by this video.

While it is somewhat shocking to learn that such places, and so many of them, exist right in our national midst, I think it's even more shocking that hardly anyone -- including our own government -- is publicizing their existence, nor doing anything to clean them up.

These people and their co-religionist fanatics pose a mortal threat to the State of Israel. So where are the Jewish organizations to protest and fight against these groups? No place is the answer, as it is on the college campuses, where anti-Semitic incidents are showing such a sharp increase lately.

And these people pose a serious threat to all Americans, both domestically and in places where US troops are fighting a deadly hot war against them. And, again, where are the governmental and civic groups that need to expose and combat them?  Mostly in the world of lip service.

One knowledgeable and experienced retired Army officer, recently elected to Congress, understands exactly who the enemy is, not just of Jews and Christians and infidels, but of Western civilization itself:

Who else is going to be out there to sound the alarm, to recognize the true nature of the threat, to galvanize action against the forces that would destroy our world? I wish I had some good answers.