More Confirmation of Obama's Socialism

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator has a must-read analysis of Stanley Kurtz' book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of the American Left

President Obama's inner socialist comes as no surprise to AT readers.  AT contributors have been sleuthing and documenting Mr. Obama's leftward tilt since the 2008 presidential campaigns. 

But Kurtz's book is important, in that Kurtz's findings and conclusions may well reach audiences that are less conservative and that are less diligent in understanding not only Mr. Obama's roots, but the strategy the President and his cohorts are employing to impose socialism on an unwilling majority. 

Make no mistake, President Obama's "Socialist Realignment Strategy" has the stuff of a coup -- a coup using legislative and executive authority to ram through radical changes that empower Washington politicians and bureaucrats as never before.  Americans have witnessed this strategy in action since Mr. Obama assumed power in January of 2009.  Stopping ObamaCare would be a critical practical and symbolic victory in the war for freedom.     

If ObamaCare and the President's other initiatives aren't stopped, then Mr. Obama and the left will have severed many of the vital cords that connect the republic to its founding.  Americans will be less free, and less in charge of their lives.  The American experience will effectively end, and a European socialized America will begin. 

As Lord writes, the war for the nation's heart and soul is now commencing in earnest.  Beginning tomorrow, Speaker-presumptive John Boehner and the House Republican majority will be the frontlines in the fight to stop, then rollback, Mr. Obama's and the left's attempt to radically transform an unwilling nation.  The coming fight will take enormous courage and resolve; there can be no wavering in Republicans' commitment to principles.  Conservatives need to furnish the backbone.

The stakes have been -- and are -- huge.  America stands at a great divide.  Victory in the battles ahead will either reaffirm the nation's commitment to the Founders' vision or largely scrap that vision.  Understanding and accepting Mr. Obama's motives, intent, and strategy are imperative to turning the tide and defeating the left in the coming weeks and months.  
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