Israeli vulture accused of espionage released

In a stunning breakthrough signaling perhaps peace is about to break out in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has graciously announced that it will release the spying vulture employed by Israel's dreaded spy agency, Mossad, bravely captured by Saudi's famed spy agency when it flew over the latter's country.

Although the Saudis dismissed Israel's claim that the bird was part of an Israeli academic study on bird migration patterns, the Saudis decided the vulture--or is it an eagle?--was still yet another innocent victim of the evil Zionists. The Saudis remained understandably mum as to what secret information they extracted from the bird or whether the bird was brainwashed into becoming a Saudi double agent.

While praising Saudi Arabia for its humane treatment of the dangerous vulture and its impending release, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) condemned the Israelis for using a vulnerable, defenseless creature for its deadly work.

Meanwhile, back in the real world of Israel living under constant Arab terror, three workers were injured Saturday afternoon from still yet another terrorist barrage from Hamas run Gaza. Islamic Jihad proudly claimed credit for the attack.

The UN, the EU and the Arab/Muslim world once again condemned Israel for being victims of still yet another attack, repeating if it weren't for Israel all would be right in the world.