Inside the lefty brain

The other day I was in a shopping center parking lot and saw two stickers in the rear window of a mini-van. The first, which was in the lower left area of the window, said "Veterans for Obama". Okay, I thought; I don't understand it, but there it is. The second sticker was a few inches to the right, and said this; "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin.

I don't normally stop to ponder window stickers, but this pairing left me standing, slack jawed, and wondering, "What the ...?"

This individual apparently sees Obama's ideology and Benjamin Franklin's views on government, liberty, and freedom as pretty much the same. It made me wish there were a way to crawl inside this lefty's noggin with a flash light, a screw driver, and a pair of pliers. Maybe I could find where the wiring had crossed, and do a little repair work.

What I have come to believe is that lefties are like herd animals. They congregate together for safety and security, and talk to and among only themselves; no independent thinking is ever permitted. What any lefty says is greeted with knowing nods of approval from the others, regardless of how much it defies reality.

Al Gore says incandescent light bulbs and coal fired energy will turn the entire earth into one giant Weber Grill, dooming us all to be turned into charcoal briquettes. Al Gore is a lefty; ergo, it is true.

Nancy Pelosi, after presiding over $5.0 trillion of new debt during her term as speaker, tells us the Democrat Party is about fiscal discipline and "pay as you go". Why, of course, say the other lefties.

Barack Obama tells us he will reduce the deficit by adding trillions of dollars in new spending on bailouts, stimulus, and Obamacare, and the other lefties hail his brilliant thinking on the economy.

I have two possible theories to try to explain this kind of thinking, such as it is.

One theory is that they desperately need to believe in government as parent. When run by other lefties, a benevolent and parental government will shield them from the harsh realities of life by making decisions for them; telling them what to eat, what to drive, what energy to use, what light bulbs to use, how much their toilets can flush, what their children must learn and cannot learn, what they can and cannot say, ad infinitum.

The other theory is that it is a grand conspiracy by the lefties to drive us all to the nut house, leaving the earth to them alone.

Other than those two ideas, I am at a loss.

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