Gun happy Vermont?

Yesterday we were treated to liberals on cable television non-stop blaming the "gun happy" culture of Arizona for the shooting of a Congresswoman and others as well as the killing of a judge. The left has been charged with believing in cartoonish generalities, so CNN brought in a liberal cartoon maker to discuss the implications of the Arizona shootings.

Newsbusters reports:

The CNN anchor buttered him up by saying "We do appreciate your insights" even as he repeated there was no evidence. The liberal cartoonist was David Fitzsimmons of the Arizona Daily Star:

MARTIN SAVIDGE: I want to turn to David Fitzsimmons who is with the "Arizona Daily Star," a political cartoonist. He is on the scene at Safeway. David, are you there?

DAVID FITZSIMMONS, "ARIZONA DAILY STAR" (via telephone): I'm pretty shaken, frankly. This is a very surreal dream-like experience.


FITZSIMMONS: So tumultuous. And this is a gun-happy state. I myself enjoy guns from time to time. I'm not opposed to guns. But for this state it has become a fetish. This is an intense gun culture here in Arizona.

The politics of the state does tend to be far to the right, I would say even rabid right. So I was amazed that Congresswoman Giffords survived this last election. It was very close, and she had a Tea Party candidate running against her, but she managed to survive and win a second term.

Wait. Doesn't the very liberal state of Vermont also have a gun culture? The Vermont government's own website states that there is no licensing or permit requirement for guns -- although there are restrictions on carrying weapons into a school or  court house. But no licensing requirement for a handgun, rifle or a shotgun? It is enough to make Howard Dean scream -- but his has been very quiet on this subject, even though he was Vermont's governor until as recent as early January 2003. Where's the outrage?

I want to see the liberals denouncing Vermont for their gun culture. Ben and Jerry, where are you?
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