Extremist Muslims target Christians around the world

While Muslims in Egypt slaughter Christians--and naturally blame it on the Israelis/Jews--no country is immune from Muslim hatred and persecution against Christians and Jews. Even in Berlin, Copts, Christians who have fled Egypt because of Muslim terrorism and discrimination, are not safe and have begged the German police to help them in response to terror threats there.

the mass-circulation Bild quoted Anba Damian, bishop of Germany in the Coptic church, saying the group had faced an upsurge in threats during the Christmas period.

'The police warned us several times that radical Muslims might try to disrupt our Christmas services. As a result I wrote to the interior ministry and requested protection,' he said.

It is estimated that the church in Germany has up to 10,000 members.

Copts in France also reported threats against their church and members.

Two weeks ago, a statement on Islamist websites urged Muslims to attack Coptic churches in Egypt and among Egyptian Christian communities in Germany, France, Britain and elsewhere around Christmas, which Orthodox Copts celebrate on January 7.

Over 4 million Muslims live in Germany where they make up 4% of its population; the 3 1/2 million Muslims in France are 6% of the population.

The Chicago area Copts, forced to leave their Egyptian homeland, are happy to live in safety in the United States.

The suicide bombing, which occurred shortly after midnight outside a Coptic church in Alexandria as a New Year's mass was ending, resonates with many Copts at St. Mark who said they left Egypt to enjoy greater religious freedom in the United States.


"This is literally (showing) you can get away with murder," church member Refaat Abdel-Malek said.

Abdel-Malek, as well as half dozen of other St. Mark parishioners, said the New Year's bombing is one of many examples of the ongoing religious persecution against Copts. Abdel-Malek pointed to handful of other similar incidents where no one was arrested or the trials against the alleged attackers were continually postponed. The Muslim role in these attacks also continues to be hidden by the Egyptian government, Abdel-Malek said, which only fuels their frustrations.


Several worshippers at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church said they have enjoyed the tolerance and freedom of life in the United States.

For many Copts, living here means being able to pursue their careers in medicine or walk down the street without being harassed for their Christian appearance, Alexander-Basta said.

Nevertheless, there was heightened security Friday at the church in Burr Ridge. Mayor Gary Grasso said that at the request of a parishioner, officers were sent to the church on New Year's Eve before the attack occurred in Alexandria. The parishioner felt it was important to have a police presence at the church because of other attacks on Chrisitian in the Middle East, Grasso said.

Not that evil needs a reason but why did the Muslims choose New Year for its latest terrorist outrage? One theory is that

Islamic extremists targeted New Year services because of their connection to the Christian calendar. The Islamic new year began on December 7.

So that's their wish for a happy new year.