Dearborn Mosque Suspect is Mentally Ill Wikileaks Supporter

It isn't the first time around for Roger Dale Stockman, arrested in the parking lot of a Dearborn, Michigan mosque last week.  Stockman, allegedly caught with illegal fireworks after making threats against Arabs at a Dearborn bar, has a long criminal and psychiatric record.  At least two of his previous federal arrests involved threats.  In 1985 he was sent to a Federal Prison psychiatric ward after placing a pipe bomb in the Reno, NV airport.

In spite of this, Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad told the Detroit Free Press that Stockham "had a long history of being angry with the United States government."   Haddad's phrase-thinly disguised code for "right-wing extremist" -- appears in the lede of story after story nationwide.  But if this troubled individual had any politics, it wasn't right-wing.

Stockham was active online in the lead-up to his Dearborn arrest.  He made online threats against US military personnel he said should be "hung".  He made several postings in support of Bradley Manning, the gay, atheist Army Private alleged to have leaked thousands of classified US documents to Wikileaks.  Stockham also appeared obsessed with identifying and finding "Crazyhorse 18"-a US helicopter pilot who attacked armed men in a combat zone in what Wikileaks supporters describe as a "collateral murder video" from 2007 Iraq.  Wikileaks released the video in April, 2010 alleging it showed the illegal killing of a Reuters journalist.

In an April 2010 interview, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said the video shows "a war crime" and argued, "The pilots involved have become debased....  And at some stage their experience turned into just playing a video game.  And getting high scores by killing people....  They just want an excuse to kill."

That kind of talk may have made an impression on Stockham.  He signed the online "We Stand With Bradley Manning" petition twice.  And on the Bradley Manning Forums, he posted the following:

by roger stockham » 10 Dec 2010 1:11 pm

I NEED HELP FINDING THIS LYING MURDERER ON THE COL. MRDR. VID. Naming this guy is essential to getting justice for the victims and Brad. He MUST be prosecuted in, I believe, the World Court. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. So far as I know, I'm the only one who's brought this up,
and it speaks very poorly for your whole gig, like maybe you're too stupid to actually get anything done for Brad. Come on folks, get your s together.
It's easy to prove I was an assault helicopter pilot leading top secret special ops into Laos in '68. And if I want this guy hung, you should too.
Thanks, Roger Stockham,, fone 619/628-xxxx.

The telephone number appears to be non-functional.

Stockham's Myspace page announces:

  • About Me: "Proud of my kids. Happy with how much I've lived. Ready for it to be over, but have a policy I contend with often: So long as I am alive, I can't play dead."
  • Who I'd like to meet: "Immanuel Swedenborg."
  • He describes himself as: "noumenon, Male, 63 years old, IMPERIAL BEACH, California."
"Noumenon" is a Kantian philosophical term which could loosely be described as denoting the spiritual as opposed to "phenomenon," the physical.

Swedenborg is an 18th Century Theosophical philosopher whose teachings have been described as a precursor to certain "spiritual, not religious" traditions of the 19th century.    

Reporting on the Reno Airport bomb attack, LA Times July 18, 1985 says Assistant U.S. Atty. Brian Sullivan "noted that Stockham has been found innocent by reason of insanity for previous offenses and said he should be examined thoroughly at the U.S. Penitentiary in Springfield, Mo."

Federal court records show Stockham was again arrested in 2002 in Burlington, VT (case #2:02-mj-00056-jjn USA v. Stockham).  His offense, "knowingly deposit a letter to be delivered by the USPS containing a threat to injure the person of another."  A sealed 2003 psychiatric evaluation is part of the court record.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that Stockham (Prisoner #75098-012) was released from Federal custody September 20, 2005. 

Reporters from the San Diego Union Tribune interviewed Stockham's Imperial Beach, CA neighbors, explaining: "About six months ago...FBI agents talked with residents of the complex about Stockham, but they didn't contact him."

Stockham's Facebook profile also identifies him as a supporter of the "Bradley Manning Support Network" and just as with his other postings, Stockham was intent on trumpeting his "creds" as a Vietnam War helicopter pilot.

On the Bradley Manning Support Network Facebook page, Stockham demands: "(Crazyhorse 18's) name, at least; and if possible - his unit at the time of his atrocity. I have a fair talent at finding military personnel and feel confident I can find him with just a name. But people! Please wake-up to how critical this is to JUSTICE."

Now we know what part of the US Government Stockham was angry with.

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