Climate Change Legal Boondoggle

Trial lawyers and their academic abettors  are salivating over the potential lfor "hundreds of billions of dollars" in legal claims for compensatory losses due to climate change -- according to a report by Richard Inham of the AFP.

'"There's a large number of entrepreneurial lawyers and NGOs who are hunting around for a way to gain leverage on the climate problem," said David Victor, director of the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation at the University of California at San Diego.'

Thus as the industial world struggles to recover from the worst recession in generations, private enterprise will have to fend off thousands of spurious claims lodged by activist liberal lawyers in frivilous lawsuits over droughts, floods, and other weather-events normally classified legally as "Acts of God". 

"In this area, the floodgates have opened," said Michael Gerrard, director of the recently-opened Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School in New York... . [emphasis added]
Gerrard unwittingly states the absurdity of this development,

"There are billions of potential plaintiffs and millions of potential defendants," said Gerrard. "The biggest problem, though, is causation."

Yes, if only we can establish proper "causation" through rigged climate models, we can all get rich suing each other for natural disasters.  Sounds like a vast Democratic Party "stimulous program" for their favorite constituency, the Trial Lawyers.  Doubtless taxpayers are funding these absurd "Climate Change Law"  centers at UCSD and Columbia.  Shouldn't be a surprise I suppose but it makes me angry nonetheless.
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