Approval of Congress shoots up more 50%

The way that some congressmen are talking. using the words "Congress" and "shoots" in the same sentence might get you some time in the slammer.

Gallup reports that the number of Americans who approve of the job Congress is doing has increased by nearly 54% since Republicans took over the House of Representatives less than two weeks ago.

House Republicans shouldn't celebrate.

Remember, if you have a dollar and get another dollar, your personal wealth has increased by 100%.

Congressional approval is very much the same story. From an historical low approval rating of 13% in December, Congress is now viewed favorably by 20% of Americans.

It's a start.

If House Republicans want to continue to bend the curve upward, they must remain mindful of the mandate they were given by the historical wave election of 2010:

* Reduce the size and cost of government
* Lower the national debt
* Stop government intrusion into the lives and decisions of Americans