WikiLeaks vindicates Bush

President George W. Bush was subjected to one of the most vicious smear campaigns in history, based on the false assertion that he lied about Saddam Hussein pursuing weapons of mass destruction as a justification for the Iraq War. WikiLeaks documents released in October once again confirm (AT had the story in December, 2009) that Iraq did indeed possess  yellowcake uranium, despite the lies of Joseph Wilson, husband of CIA desk jockey Valerie Palme. 

Larrey Elder presents a debunking of the "no WMD" media fantasy today on Townhall, and makes the entirely proper point that George W. Bush is owed a huge apology. Strangely, for whatever reason, the ex-president has not defended himself on this point in his current bestselling book, nor did he during his presidency.   

So, congratulations Pvt. Manning and Julian A. for confirming what AT readers already knew, but don't expect any kudos from the left or the press.

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