Time for the Obama Cabinet Shuffle?

Amidst suggestions of Presidential triangulation following the shellacking endured by Barack Obama and his allies in Congress during the 2010 mid-term elections, few signs of movement toward the political center emanate from the B.O. White House.


Its difficult to discern which is the bigger failure, Obamanomics or Obamacare, with the former in the process of being taken apart piece-meal by the Tea Party wave washing over the incoming Congress and the latter likely to be found unconstitutional in the courts and headed for repeal.


When the results of your legislative sleight-of-Congress lies in ruins and the regulatory stranglehold your fawning bureaucracy has on the economy has come a cropper, a wise leader would look to replacing the architects of failure writ large. Outside the sycophantic mainstream media, however, no one has ever accused Barack Obama of being either wise or a leader.


One might expect Obama would be quite comfortable tossing a number of his cabinet appointees under the proverbial bus. After all, he had no trouble tossing his grandmother, the Reverend Wright or Jim Johnson aside when it became politically expedient to do so.


There would seem no better time to dump the cabinet baggage B.O. has clung to in bad times and worse. Already burdened with the weakest Presidential cabinet in American history, populated with political cronies, affirmative action dead-enders, and incapable ideologues, Obama now has a golden opportunity to get a bit of fresh press and back-handedly imply blame for the nation's ills on soon-to-be-replaced cabinet level employees.

Of course, it's entirely possible B.O. exercised his best executive skills in selecting the pitiful group that he has already assembled. Benjamin Disraeli, in describing Lord Liverpool, Britain's Prime Minister (1812-1827), might just as well have been describing Obama when he wrote of:


The Arch-Mediocrity who presided, rather than ruled, over this Cabinet of Mediocrities.


Whether its Timothy Geithner running the printing presses at the mint full-throttle, Kathleen Sebelius teaching us how to sneeze , or Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano performing kabuki security theater rather than taking action to actually protect the American people, there is a scarcely a department in Obama's cabinet that can hold up under the most minimal scrutiny.


There is no better way for Barack Obama to gain positive traction and demonstrate his willingness and determination to move our country in the right direction then to shuffle his cabinet. Considering the President's underwhelming work-ethic and what appear to be permanently affixed ideological blinders, however, the political forecast for any positive initiatives from the Cabinet of Dr. Mediocrity remains mostly cloudy.


Ralph Alter is a regular contributor to the American Thinker.